Local Retail Outlets

If you are in the Durham area and would like to purchase Sustain-a-Bull merchandise, you can do so at the following local retail outlets:

Note: We cannot guarantee sizes or quantities in stock at local retailers. Please contact retailers directly for more information. 


Sustain-a-Bull Bumper Stickers

Our bumper stickers are in vivid color to help you show off your Durham pride and commitment to shopping locally. Printed in Durham by Ad Spice.

$1.50 Each


Men’s/Unisex T-Shirts

Sustain-a-Bull has teamed up with Ad Spice to create our unique line of t-shirts. Printed right here in Durham by Ad Spice, a locally owned, independent business, these shirts are made entirely in the Carolinas -from field to finished product! Buying these shirts supports not just Sustain-a-Bull, but also jobs in Durham, Lumberton, Lexington, and beyond.

Click here to see the full journey of these shirts.

$20 Each + Tax & Shipping